About Us

Fumes International is a pioneering Out Of Home (OOH) media company that creates advertising space around the public conveniences that it builds and operates in marquee locations across metropolitan Indian cities. Since its inception in 1998, Fumes International has adhered to its core commitment towards quality and service. In addition to providing basic amenities, each public convenience is exclusively designed and adorned with beautification elements such as waterfalls and aquariums. We adopt the best-in-class maintenance methodologies to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. It has always been our sincere effort to exceed the expectations of the public using our facilities while simultaneously developing strategic advertising locations for our clients.


In 1998, India successfully demonstrated its nuclear capabilities and the world’s response was conflicting. Some applauded the bold move while others snarled and amid these altercations a Western talk show host caustically remarked that Indians can develop nuclear technologies but not decent toilets. This comment vexed Mr. Fuad Lokhandwala but it also made him determined to address the despondent situation. Hence, Mr. Fuad Lokhandwala incepted Fumes International, a company focused on building commercially viable public conveniences in India. The beginnings of Fumes International were modest and developing the first site in Delhi’s Khan Market area required overcoming several bureaucratic hurdles. In addition, corporations needed to be convinced about the utility of advertising on the site. However, once the first site was completed with its glittering fixtures and elegant design, the appreciation was unanimous. The local public demanded additional facilities and advertisers began to queue up. Since then Fumes International has ascended a steep growth curve, while always maintaining the tenacity and vigour that fueled its foundation.

Core Objectives:

Sustainable Development:

Our focus is towards developing self-sustaining public facilities that can be constructed and maintained in a profitable manner without any concessions or subsidies.

Social Impact:

Through our safe and hygienic public conveniences we target serving the basic needs of millions of people in urban India.

Elevation of Expected Standards:

We are committed to raising the expected standards of quality and service by building upmarket facilities that are meticulously maintained for usage by the common man.

Ethical Conduct:

We uphold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity, strive to conduct our business operations in a principled manner and demonstrate the courage of our convictions by doing what we think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise.

Resource Conservation:

Being cognizant of the global environmental challenges, we invest in the efficient processes, systems and technologies that enable us to operate in an eco-friendly manner.